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  1. Leslie (Rick) Womelsdorff says:

    Hello again,

    Of your lists and collections of audio messages. Do you have any in Spanish? My wife is a spanish speaker more than an english speaker. She gets a little lost during an english presentation.

    Thank you

  2. Leslie (Rick) Womelsdorff says:


    To all of you at the church gathering in Jesus’s name.
    I was once a visitor of your church in the early nineties, I actualy attented for about three years. I now reside in Florida. For whatever reason Lyndal Kincaid came to my mind. He taught me the foundation of what I know, concerning the word of God. I went thru one of his seminaries at that time.

    I am interested in a way to contact persons over where you are. Was wondering how up to date you all were concerning that.

    why are your galleries only going up thru 2013?

    I thank God for you all. You will always be in my heart and mind.

  3. Omar Gozales says:

    I have never been the same since i left this glorious church….One of the greatest preachers that i still listen Brother Lyndell Kincaide..never should of left…God bless you all…till we meet again…my breathen….Gonzales family…O.J. Savannah, Melissa..Everett..Marie…Averen…Isaaih…Unique..Gonzales…an all my granddaughters!!!

  4. Sandy & Gene Cherry says:

    Thank u for all the wonderful years. We starde with them in 1975.

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