A. Various Baptisms

Matthew 3.7 12     Water, Spirit, Fire
Hebrews 6.1     More than one baptism

1. Of John Baptist (repentance to Israel)
Mark 1.4-8     Repentance
John 1.29-33     Repentance
Acts 13.24     To Israel
Acts 2.36 39     Repentance to Israel
Acts 19.1-5     Not Christian baptism

2. Of Fire (judgment)
Matthew 3.11,12     With fire that cannot be quenched
Mark 9.49     Every one salted with fire
I Cor. 3.13     Fire shall try every man’s work

3. Of Christ’s death
Matthew 20.22,23     His death
Mark 10.38     His death
Luke 12.50     His death

4. Of Moses
I Cor. 10.2     Israel Baptized unto Moses

B. The “one baptism” of the Holy Spirit

Ephesians 4.5     One true baptism
Matthew 3.11J     Jesus baptizes with Holy Spirit
John 1.33     He that baptizes with the Holy Ghost
Acts 1.5     Ye shall be baptized with Holy Ghost
Acts 2.1 4     Fulfilled on Jews
Acts 8.14-17     Fulfilled on Samaritans
Acts 10.44-47     Fulfilled on Gentiles
Acts 19.2-6     Fulfilled on Disciples of John Baptist
Acts 11.16     Holy Ghost fell on them
1 Cor. 12.13     Baptized into the body of Christ
Romans 6.2-4     Baptized into his death
Col. 2.11-13     Without hands
Galatians 3.27-28     Ye have put on Christ
Romans 8.8-11     All believers have the Spirit within
Ephesians 1.13     Sealed with Spirit after believing
I Corinthians 6.11     Washed and Justified by the Spirit
Titus 3.5,6     Regenerated by the Spirit

C. Baptism of water for Christians

Matthew 28.18,19     Commandment of Christ
Mark 16.15,16     After believing (not for babies)
Acts 18.8     After faith (not for babies)
Acts 8.36-37     Without faith one must not be
Acts 8.38     They went down into the water (immersion)
John 3.23     Baptizing with much water (immersion)
Acts 2.38, 8.16, 10.48, 19.5     In the name of Jesus
I Corinthians 1.13-15     Not Paul’s name
I Peter 3.20,21     It is a figure
Romans 6.5     It is a likeness

D. It is similar to Circumcision

Colossians 2.11,12     Circumcision and Baptism are same operation of Spirit
Deut. 10.16     There are two circumcisions, one carnal and one of heart
Romans 2.28,29     Two circumcisions, one exterior and one interior
Galatians 2.3,4     False brethren compel to circumcise in flesh
Galatians 6.12-15     To make a fair shew in the flesh
Galatians 5.6     Faith is all that availeth
Genesis 15.6     Abraham is justified by faith
Genesis 17.10,11     Abraham is circumcised later
Romans 4.9 11     Faith saves before circumcision
Acts 10.43-48     Faith saves before baptism
Luke 23.39-43     Faith saves without baptism
I Corinthians 1.17     Christ did not send to baptize

E. Carnal Sacraments are helpless

John 6.63     The Spirit giveth life, flesh profits nothing
Psalm 51.16,17     God desires contrite heart not sacrifice
John 4.22-24     Worship in spirit
Philippians 3.3     No confidence in flesh
Rom. 8.8     Flesh cannot please God
I Cor. 15.50     Flesh and blood cannot inherit kingdom of God
John 3.6     Flesh and Spirit are entirely distinct
Galatians 5.17     Flesh and Spirit do not cooperate
Acts 17.24,25     God is not worshipped with hands of men
1 Sam. 16.7     God does not look on what we see with eyes
2 Cor. 4.18     Things not seen are eternal
John 7.24     Judge not according to appearance
2 Cor. 5.12     Answer them which glory in appearance not in heart
2 Cor. 10.7     Do ye look on things after the outward appearance?
2 Cor. 5.7     Walk by faith not by sight

Matthew 7.15     False prophets are outwardly Christians
Matthew 23.25-28     Beware of the outward
Matthew 6.1-8     Beware of outward acts
1 Pet. 3.3,4     Take care of the inner man

F. Verses some churches use erroneously to require Baptism as a “sacrament”

Mark 16.15,16     Baptism follows faith but faith is what saves
John 3.5     Being born is not being baptized
Acts 2.38     Offer similar to John’s of repentance to Israel
Acts 22.16     Calling on the name of the Lord washes sins (1 Co. 6.11)
1 Pet. 3.20,21     Christ’s baptism saves us, (the ark was baptized, not Noah)