Brian Thibault

“In the spring of 1982 two men had a burden to start a bible study in the Army Barracks where I lived. Over the course of the next several months I began to understand my condition before God…LOST! I called on the name of the Lord and He, in His mercy, saved me.
About a year later, through a series of events, I became convinced that God was calling me to preach. It was time to say goodbye to the military so that preparations could begin for the ministry.
The Lord was good and in 1988 Judy and I were married. The church ordained me as a pastor and the Lord gave me the desires of my heart. We have also been blessed with four children, bringing us even greater joy.
I have the great honor of being saved, discipled, married and ordained in the same church. Some of the most dedicated men I know have been my companions and co-laborers in the ministry. For all this I will ever be grateful to the Lord Jesus for the things He has done.”